Refer A Friend

Refer a Friend

Your friend {{vm.firstName}} thinks you’ll love a Capital One® {{vm.cardProductNameLong}} card.

It’s because you could earn unlimited rewards on every purchase, every day.

It’s because you could earn unlimited rewards on every purchase, every day.

It’s because you could earn unlimited miles on every purchase, every day.

It’s because you could get the credit you need with no annual fee.

So, go ahead and apply now.

{{vm.cardProductName}} is for customers with excellent credit and comes 
with a valuable new cardmember offer.*

Whether you’re establishing your credit for the first time, or building towards the score you want, the responsible use of a card like the Platinum card can help you get there.

In order for your friend to receive their referral bonus, you 
must apply from this page. You must also be a new Capital One cardholder. See FAQ below.

  • Unlimited Rewards

    Access a Higher Credit Line

    Access a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time.

    New Cardmember Offer


    $0 Annual Fee

    Work on responsibly building your credit—like making payments on time & staying within your credit limit—without an annual fee.

    Product TermsProduct Terms


Frequently asked questions

How do I take part in the referral program?

Click the “Apply Now” button above, which will take you to a webpage where you can apply for a Capital One {{vm.cardProductName}} credit card. To be a part of the refer a friend program, you must apply from this webpage. If you leave this page for some reason, just be sure to come back here to apply. Otherwise your friend won’t get their bonus.

How do I know my friend will get credit for this referral when I’m approved?

Don’t worry. Your referral information will be automatically passed to the application. You should see a message at the top of the application saying, “your referral information has been applied,” which means the person who referred you will get credit for the referral if you’re approved.

Will Capital One tell my friend if I’m approved or not?

We won’t tell anyone whether or not you have applied for a credit card or if you have been approved or declined. But, just remember that we may give your friend a referral bonus if your application is approved and, as a result, they may be able to tell that your application was approved (especially if they didn’t refer anyone else).

Will the status of my application affect my friend?

The only potential impact your application could have on your friend is that–if you are approved–they might receive a referral bonus. Other than that, we cannot disclose any information on who has applied or been approved, so your friend will not be notified of the status of your application.

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Referral terms and conditions

Here’s what you need to be able to participate in this referral program:

  • You have to apply and be approved for a {{vm.cardProductName}} credit card. Other Capital One credit cards are not eligible for this referral program.
  • You must use the referral link you got from your friend to complete the application process. Else, they will not receive a referral bonus.
  • You must be a new Capital One credit card customer for your friend to receive a bonus as part of the referral program. If you already have a credit card with Capital One, your friend will not receive a referral bonus.
  • The referral offer you received from your friend must be valid when you apply from the referral page. If your link is no longer valid, then your referral won’t go through.

By using the referral program, you understand and agree that the Capital One customer who referred you could receive a referral bonus if your application is approved and may be able to tell if your application is approved. We reserve the right to alter, change or terminate the referral program at any time without notice. Qualification for the referral program is determined at our sole discretion and may change at any time without notice.

Your friend may have included a personalized message to you when sending you the referral link, which is fine. However, the message itself is solely from your friend and we have not reviewed it. Therefore, we are not responsible for its contents.

We reserve the right to delay or not enforce any of our rights under the referral program without waiving or losing our right to enforce them later.

  1. Card offers with a rewards bonus are available by clicking the “Apply Now” button on this page, and may not be available if you navigate away from or close this page. The bonus may not be available for existing or previous accountholders.

  2. The 2% earn rate excludes superstores like Walmart® and Target®.