Treasury Management

Make the most of your working capital by accelerating receivables, consolidating funds and gaining more control over outgoing payments. Use our digital tools to stay informed about daily account balances and transaction details to make smart business decisions. Increase efficiency with a range of automated solutions that maximizes your investment opportunities and frees up internal resources to focus on growing your business.


Save time, help prevent fraud and manage your company’s finances efficiently online and through your mobile device. With technology that streamlines all of your account data into a single, secured-access view, Capital One® Intellix enables you to stay connected and in control of cash balances, daily transactions and other important account information securely and conveniently.

  • Streamline your payments with the all-in-one Payments Center, which lets you initiate and approve ACH, wires and book transfers.
  • View account summaries, balance and transaction reports, statements and check images.
  • Protect your information with advanced security options that include alerts, custom recipient lists and mobile and hard tokens.
  • Email or chat directly from Intellix to receive expert guidance and support, or easily access self-service options.

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Corporate Card

Improve cash flow and simplify expenses, accounts payable and billing processes to streamline your accounts payable process with the Capital One Corporate Card. Plus, manage your T&E program online 24/7, including adding employee cards, setting spend controls, reviewing transaction details and generating reports. And earn competitive rewards on both accounts payable and T&E net spend.

Increase the control, efficiency and security of your accounts payable processes while extending your cash flow. Decrease risk of fraud with single-use virtual cards and manage both physical and virtual cards in one program.

Make T&E easier for your employees while adding control for you: set spend limits, track spend with detailed reports and access cardholder information in real time.

Earn rewards points on your net company spend. Rewards can be redeemed for statement credits, gift cards and more. Rewards never expire and there’s no limit on the number of rewards you can earn.

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Increase control over cash flow with integrated solutions that help mitigate risk, simplify payment origination and optimize spending and invoice processing.


Streamline your collections cycle and gain faster access to working capital. Increase efficiency and cut business expenses by taking advantage of technologies that offer a wide range of receivables solutions designed to automate processing of all your revenue, accurately track payments and smooth out your everyday operations.

Liquidity Management

Maximize profitability and enhance forecasting with an integrated approach to liquidity management. Consolidate deposits and simplify the transfer of funds to gain more control over working capital across your entire organization. Leverage idle balances with automated investment strategies to improve day-to-day cash flows.

Information Reporting

Leverage utilities to get up-to-the-minute balance and transaction details and to help you effectively and efficiently manage your cash and treasury processes.

Trade Finance

Reduce payment risk and guarantee performance in international and domestic, credit-based transactions. Our comprehensive range of trade finance solutions is designed to reduce the risk of doing business around the world and includes Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, Banker’s Acceptance Financing and Web-based Trade Services.