The Future of Real Estate in the U.S. Infographic

MIT's Real Estate Forecast: Stats & Insights into the Future of Real Estate

Dramatic changes in technology, demographics and policy are coming together to transform the commercial real estate industry. In our infographic, The Future of Real Estate in the U.S., real estate professionals can gain an edge by looking beyond today’s market cycle to how long-term trends identified by MIT’s experts are shaping the real estate market forecast for the future.

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Key Insights
  • A changing and growing population will create a demand for new housing, particularly in suburban and exurban communities.

  • Technological disruptions, like autonomous cars and self-regulating buildings, will affect where and how real estate is created and financed.
  • Developers will seek innovative ways to remedy the deficit of affordable housing units, such as adaptive reuse projects and new building techniques.

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What's Here?

The Findings

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Our conclusions were based on the study of peer-reviewed articles on the future of the real estate markets and products which was conducted by Albert Saiz, PhD, Director of the MIT Center for Real Estate and the Urban Economics Lab, along with lead research Arianna Salazar. It was conducted from February to August 2017. Capital One Commercial Banking sponsored the study.