Housing Market Trends - Future of Real Estate

The commercial real estate industry is transforming in fundamental ways that will impact the way industry professionals―from investors and developers to builders and site managers―do their jobs. Research conducted by MIT’s Center for Real Estate, and underwritten by Capital One Commercial Banking, has uncovered a number of critical trends that have already begun to disrupt real estate markets or have the ability to do so in the near future.

The housing market trends uncovered in the Center’s report " Real Trends: The Future of Real Estate in the United States" can help industry professionals navigate a rapidly evolving market to better manage their properties and portfolios.

Some of the topics covered:

Affordable housing

  • Adaptive reuse
  • Inclusionary upzoning
  • Infill development
  • Low-cost construction practices and materials

Demographic shifts

  • Jobs, cities and amenities
  • Housing completion needs
  • Impact of immigration
  • Aging and architecture
  • Shifts to smaller cities, suburbs and exburbs
  • Household composition


  • Autonomous vehicles, Uber and building design
  • Internet of Things: better data, better buildings
  • Rethinking planning, design, construction and operation
  • The new office

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This study of peer-reviewed articles on the future of the real estate markets and products was conducted by Albert Saiz, Phd, Director of the MIT Center for Real Estate and the Urban Economics Lab, along with lead researcher Arianna Salazar. It was conducted from February to August 2017. Capital One Commercial Banking sponsored the study.