Commercial Banking Solutions


Capital One® Commercial Banking offers a broad spectrum of interest rate and FX hedging tools designed to assist in the management of interest rate risk. That flexibility allows you to match your company's risk profile with the best debt solutions to maximize interest cost savings.

Our wide array of Interest Rate Derivative products include:

  • Swaps (floating-to-fixed, fixed-to-floating)
  • Options (Caps, Floors, Collars, and Swaptions)
  • Treasury Locks
  • Cross-Currency Swaps

Interest Rate Derivative products can help provide flexibility to match the interest rate profile of the transaction to your business' risk profile by:

  • Hedging different portions of loans with different strategies
  • Taking advantage of changing interest rate markets to adjust the hedge profile
  • Moving a hedge from one loan to another loan with similar terms
  • Realizing a gain from rising interest rates in a restructure repayment

We offer Commodity Derivatives for our energy banking clients to hedge their market risk related to the fluctuation of energy prices. The client base consists primarily of public and private Exploration & Production (“E&P”) and Midstream companies.

Swap Dealer – Disclosure of Material Information for Swaps

Normal credit qualifications apply. Not a deposit. Not FDIC insured. Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency. Not bank guaranteed. May lose value.