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10 New 2023 Subaru Forester for Sale in Atlanta, GA

Car Overview
Subaru Forester
Decades ago, the Subaru Forester was one of the first crossover SUVs to hit the market. Today, the Forester remains a popular choice in the compact SUV class. Compared with rivals, the Subaru Forester offers a remarkably roomy interior. Getting in and out is easy, and the view from the driver’s seat is outstanding. In addition, the Forester’s safety ratings are typically top-notch, so it’s an easy pick for young families and empty-nesters alike. Compact SUVs usually can’t be driven very far off the pavement, but the Subaru Forester bucks that trend. Its generous ground clearance and capable all-wheel drive system make the Forester quite capable on dirt trails and snow-packed roads.