What Is Acura Certified Pre-Owned

The Acura CPO program gives warranty coverage and many new-car styled benefits to well-inspected Acura models up to a decade old.

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Acura’s long-standing reputation for quality and reliability makes the Honda luxury brand a popular choice for its cars and SUVs. Through Acura’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, used Acura vehicles a decade old and newer receive detailed mechanical inspections to ensure they are in proper running order. Acura upgrades many with new limited warranty protection.

For car buyers looking to save money by opting for a used Acura instead of one fresh off the dealer lot, Acura’s CPO program may provide more peace of mind than the unpredictability of a traditional private-market sale, or even a purchase from a non-Acura used lot.

Which Cars Are Eligible?

Acura’s Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles program includes a range of the Acura automobiles going back 10 years, including the MDX and RDX crossovers, and the TLX, ILX, and RLX sedans. The NSX is not part of the Acura CPO program.

Acura splits its certified used vehicles into three categories, each of which comes with different benefits, including different levels of extended warranty protection.

Acura “Precision Certified” vehicles include cars and SUVs six years old and newer, with 80,000 miles or fewer at the time of delivery to the buyer. Acura’s “Precision Used” category covers vehicles 10 years old and newer, with unlimited mileage. The program also offers some certified “Used” Acura models 10 years old and newer, but they do not gain any new warranty coverage or add-on benefits. Acura calculates a vehicle’s age from the vehicle’s original in-service date at the time of sale.

How Does the Certification Process Work?

Certified Acura technicians perform an extensive inspection of the vehicles offered in the Certified Pre-Owned program, with a detailed investigation of the entire engine, transmission, brake system and body, as well as Acura’s often tech-heavy interior features such as navigation, infotainment, and driver safety systems. If something’s wrong, repairs are made before the car is offered to a buyer. All inspections and any necessary repairs are included in the sale price of the vehicle. Acura positions this process as a $0 deductible on repairs. Note, the deductible does not apply to repairs after the purchase unless covered by warranty.

What Benefits Are Included?

For Precision Certified pre-owned vehicles, Acura adds an additional two-year non-powertrain limited warranty coverage, starting at the expiration of the vehicle’s original new car warranty or the date of sale if the new car warranty has already expired. A seven-year (from the vehicle’s original in-service date) powertrain warranty also kicks in. Both warranties expire based on time, or when the vehicle hits 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Precision Certified vehicles undergo a 182-point inspection buyers can download, two years/100,000 miles of Acura Roadside Assistance, the first scheduled maintenance visit for free, a seven-day exchange policy. Trip interruption expense reimbursement and concierge service are included for up to two years or 100,000 total odometer miles (whichever comes first). AcuraLink and SiriusXM three-month trials are included.

Precision Used Vehicles get coverage that’s a little less robust, with six months/7,500 miles of powertrain and non-powertrain warranty, a 112-point downloadable inspection, one year/12,000 miles of roadside assistance, one complimentary oil change within the first year of ownership, and a three-month SiriusXM trial. Precision Used Vehicles also get trip interruption expense reimbursement, concierge service, and a seven-day exchange policy.

Acura Certified Used vehicles don’t receive warranty enhancements across the board but may be eligible for some dealer programs on an individual basis.

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