Car Insurance-Provided Roadside Assistance: What You Get

Policyholders can benefit from affordable roadside assistance from these insurance companies.

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The protections of 24/7 roadside assistance can benefit any driver when help is needed most. Many insurance companies provide affordable emergency coverage. We took a look at the roadside assistance programs offered by a few of the larger providers and what they offer, what restrictions exist, and whether you need to be a customer to benefit.

State Farm

State Farm roadside assistance covers a lot of what most drivers need in an emergency. The protections include delivery of gas and oil, jump-starting a dead battery, changing tires, locksmith services, and towing.

State Farm covers the fees for all these services but passes on the cost of a new battery, fuel, oil, or replacement tires, if necessary. The insurance company will absorb the cost of one hour of minor mechanical repairs as well as locksmith services. If personnel are on site for longer than that, motorists could be responsible for associated fees.

The program's cost varies, according to State Farm, and requires drivers to add roadside assistance to their policy.


Allstate roadside assistance duplicates much of the services State Farm offers, including towing service, flat-tire repair and replacement, jump-starts, lock-out service, and fuel delivery. Allstate includes additional benefits, such as trip interruption reimbursement, road hazard repair or tire replacement, and available coverage for recreational vehicles (RVs) and motorcycles.

Unlike other 24/7 roadside assistance programs provided by insurance companies, Allstate makes its program accessible to anyone, regardless of whether they are policyholders. The Allstate Motor Club is split into Roadside Advantage (five service calls per year) and Roadside Elite (seven service calls per year) membership levels, which cost $89 and $164 respectively. A pay-per-use version of the program is also available.


Progressive provides roadside assistance that includes towing for up to 15 miles, winching within 100 feet of a roadway, fuel, and jump-starts as well as locksmith, and tire-change services. It also includes towing electric vehicles with depleted batteries to the nearest charger and coverage for trailers, RVs, motorcycles, and boats.

As with State Farm, Progressive will cover up to an hour of labor to repair minor issues and get motorists back on the road. There's no word on how many service calls are allowed per year, but the company says that it may impose limits. The plan includes trip interruption coverage — up to $100 per day, $500 maximum — if an incident occurs 100 miles or more from home.

Policyholders can contact Progressive to obtain a quote for 24/7 roadside assistance.


Geico roadside assistance is in line with most offerings in this category. It includes fuel delivery, winching (but not on an off-road trail), locksmith services, tire changes, towing up to 20 miles, and jump-starts. Geico doesn’t offer trip interruption benefits, but it covers service charges, so customers don't have to pay out of pocket and file for reimbursement.

Geico's roadside assistance costs policyholders as little as $14 per year per vehicle.


USAA's emergency roadside service provides towing, jump-starts, tire changes, winching, lockout services, and fuel delivery. USAA reimburses customers if they must pay in advance for services.

Policyholders can contact USAA to add roadside assistance to their existing policy.


Nationwide offers two roadside service options to its policyholders. Those who select the Basic package benefit from towing up to 15 miles, fuel delivery, flat-tire replacement, winching, jump-starts, and locksmith services with a $100 limit on the cost of the service call. The lock-out service is more specific than other programs, as it details which mishaps it covers, such as lost key or fob, broken key in ignition or exterior lock, and keys locked in vehicle.

The Nationwide Plus package expands towing distance to 100 miles and adds a trip interruption benefit. The latter, which covers those stranded at least 100 miles from home, includes expenses such as shelter and meals up to $500 for the first three days.

Nationwide's 24/7 roadside assistance is provided through a partnership with Agero. Customers can contact the company to add the service to an existing insurance policy.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual's roadside assistance includes vehicle towing, flat-tire service, fuel delivery, lock-out help, and other 24-hour assistance for stranded motorists.

Pricing for emergency services from Liberty Mutual varies according to policy details. Interested policyholders can contact the company for a quote.

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