What Is VW Car-Net?

Car-Net is essentially your Volkswagen's digital executive assistant.

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VW Car-Net is Volkswagen's subscription-based in-vehicle connectivity system that provides a variety of tech-related features, including remote control over certain aspects of the vehicle through the myVW app. The system also allows owners to receive notifications about required service, check electric vehicle (EV) charging status, and more.

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Receiving Emergency Assistance With VW Car-Net

Buyers of new VWs with Car-Net hardware — such as the Jetta and the ID.4 EV — get a complimentary five-year subscription to the brand's Safe & Secure plan, which provides emergency services. The car will automatically call a response center when the airbags deploy, for instance. Passengers can also press the in-vehicle SOS button to summon help on demand.

What's more, Car-Net will let you know if and when the car alarm sounds via the myVW app. And in the event someone steals your ride, tracking assistants can help locate it through the Car-Net system.

Using the Wi-Fi Hotspot in Your Volkswagen

Car-Net also enables the vehicle's Wi-Fi-providing hotspot, which will support up to four devices at a time. You'll first need to add your VW to a T-Mobile or Verizon data plan.

Finding Your Parking Spot With Car-Net

The myVW app uses Parkopedia services to help owners find their way back to their vehicle — useful for the forgetful crowd — as well as locate available lots (and compare their costs) in advance.

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Controlling Vehicle Features Remotely

With a Car-Net-equipped Volkswagen, users can flash their vehicle's lights, honk the horn, and operate the door locks via the myVW app. Additionally, they can sync the app with the Amazon Alexa voice AI and relay those commands verbally.

Car-Net also makes remote start possible, in addition to various EV-specific functions, such as starting and stopping a charging session from afar.

Keep on Top of Your VW's Maintenance

Car-Net can keep track of when your Volkswagen needs attention and will alert you via a phone notification. You can then schedule a service visit directly from the app.

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Monitor Your Driving With Car-Net

If you opt in to VW's DriveView data-collection program, Car-Net will track your driving habits, noting behaviors including idling time, instances of hard braking, and miles covered after dark. After analyzing this info, it'll provide you with an overall DriveView score. If it's a good score, you could receive discounts on certain auto-insurance plans. (A bad score won't affect your rate, according to VW.)

Track Other Drivers' Activity

Curious about what happens when others take your Volkswagen for a spin? You can keep tabs on them with Car-Net's family guardian alerts. App users can get a notification when a permitted driver exceeds a certain speed, goes outside designated boundaries, or breaks a curfew.

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