What Is Lincoln Co-Pilot360?

Lincoln's standard advanced safety suite includes lots of features and lets you get more tech but it may cost more to get all the latest features.

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Top-shelf safety technology and driver-assistance features used to be reserved for a select few high-end luxury cars. Nowadays, you can find these systems on almost any new vehicle, regardless of the badge up front.

For example, every new 2023 model-year Lincoln vehicle comes with the brand's Co-Pilot360, which combines many driver-assistance features that were once optional or available separately into one package. Here's what you need to know.

What Are the Main Features of Lincoln Co-Pilot360?

The standard Lincoln Co-Pilot360 suite includes automatic high-beam headlights that turn on in the dark and off when the vehicle detects street lights or headlights from oncoming cars.

The safety suite also features pre-collision assistance with automatic emergency braking, which will apply the brake when it detects an impending incident with another vehicle or pedestrian. Blind-spot information, cross-traffic alert, and a backup camera are also included.

Co-Pilot360 also includes a lane-keeping system, which follows the lanes on the road and keeps you from drifting into another lane.

Get a Little More Assistance for a Little More Money

If you're looking for even more safety technology, shoppers can upgrade to higher versions of Co-Pilot360, such as 2.0 or 2.1, with a few more advanced features.

Lincoln vehicles with these packages include adaptive cruise control, which can bring the car to a stop in dense traffic. Upgraded Co-Pilot360 suites also feature a lane-centering system to keep vehicles from straying away from the middle of their lane. These models also have fancy parking systems, including a 360-degree, birds-eye-view camera, parking sensors, and active parking assistance, which can parallel park and pull into and out of perpendicular spaces for you. The suite's collision prevention system also includes an evasive steering action to help avoid an accident.

Does Lincoln's Safety Suite Allow For Self-Driving?

While Lincoln Co-Pilot360 is full of smart and advanced features, it doesn't allow for any hands-free or eyes-free self-driving. The Lincoln suite of safety equipment is designed to make driving less tedious and comfortable rather than handle all the driving duties.

How Much Does Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Cost?

Since Co-Pilot360 is standard on all Lincoln vehicles, there's no extra cost. However, upgrading your Lincoln Aviator, Corsair, or Nautilus to higher levels of Co-Pilot360 costs extra or may require a higher trim-level model.

For example, the entry-level Corsair compact SUV is around $41,000 for the standard trim and comes with Co-Pilot360 2.1 as standard equipment. However, the about $3,600 Collection II package upgrades it to 2.1 Vision, which includes parking-assistance features. The roughly $10,400 Collection III package includes Co-Pilot360 2.1 Drive, with more advanced driving features such as lane-keeping assistance, active parking assistance, and a lane-change assist.

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