What Is Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned?

Land Rover puts certified pre-owned SUVs through a 165-point inspection.

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The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs offered by most major car manufacturers aim to provide used-car shoppers with some of the peace of mind that comes with buying a new car. Land Rover’s program looks a lot like the ones offered by its rivals: CPO-certified cars are fairly new, have reasonably low mileage, and pass a rigorous inspection. These vehicles tend to cost more than a comparable used car sold by a private party or without CPO certification, but the trade-off is a factory-backed warranty.

Which Land Rovers are Certified Pre-Owned-eligible?

Land Rover claims vehicles must be less than five years old and have fewer than 60,000 miles to be eligible for CPO certification. In theory, that means you won’t find older SUVs like the LR2 and the third-generation Range Rover in CPO inventory, but there are some exceptions. Browsing the company’s online inventory reveals that a handful of older SUVs with mileage that exceeds the 60,000 limit (like a 2016 LR4 with 73,288 miles) are available with CPO certification.

At the other end of the spectrum, Land Rover’s CPO inventory includes numerous new or late-model vehicles. Buyers in the market for a Defender have several 2022 and even 2023 models to choose from.

How does Land Rover inspect CPO vehicles?

SUVs must pass a 165-point inspection before joining Land Rover’s CPO inventory. Performed by a dealership technician, the inspection helps ensure each car is in acceptable shape for its age, and is without cosmetic or mechanical problems. Technicians inspect the paint, the interior, and the mechanical components, and take the car on a road test before deeming it worthy of the CPO label.

Land Rover also provides buyers with a vehicle history report to help determine whether the odometer is accurate and if the vehicle was involved in an accident.

What CPO benefits does Land Rover offer?

Land Rover is confident enough in its inspection process to offer either a one-year warranty with unlimited mileage or a two-year warranty with a 100,000-mile limit. The type of warranty from which you’ll benefit depends on the vehicle you purchase, and the plan is transferable to another owner while valid. Warrantable repairs are performed free of charge without a deductible. When applicable, newer CPO vehicles remain covered by the original warranty until it expires and then switch to the CPO plan.

For additional peace of mind, Land Rover includes with every CPO purchase a 24/7 roadside assistance service that covers flat tires, breakdowns, and numerous other problems. If the vehicle is disabled, the firm dispatches a truck to tow it to the nearest dealership. Owners can also claim trip interruption benefits if the breakdown is related to a component covered under warranty. For example, customers can ask Land Rover for reimbursement for an unexpected stay in a hotel.

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