What Is Kia's X-Line?

When you want an off-road look that's not too rugged.

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Updated on September 19, 2023

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Not all SUV owners want the whole off-road experience. That doesn't mean, however, they're not attracted by the styling cues that frequently come with tougher-looking trim levels.

To bridge that gap, several automakers have introduced packages and trims that visually identify with more rugged editions elsewhere in the lineup but at a lower price and without the extra gear that can sometimes get in the way of a smooth daily drive. Enter Kia's X-Line.

 Front view of a green 2024 Kia Sorento X-LineKia

What Kia's X-Line Gives You

The key element that defines a Kia X-Line vehicle is a focus on powerful design and styling. For the most part, the X-Line suite of features intends to provide a tougher, more aggressive visual personality without sacrificing the original Kia model's comfort, practicality, or efficiency. It's possible to view the X-Line as borrowing the styling cues from the more rugged Kia X-Pro trim level while leaving most of the actual off-road gear on the shelf.

To that end, each X-Line from Kia has black exterior accents, including black roof rails, black rims, and gunmetal or dark trim. The grille is also restyled to set it apart from other Kia models. On the mechanical side, all-wheel drive is standard with each X-Line, while some vehicles gain a slight ride height increase to boost ground clearance. X-Line models also get a specific drive mode for towing.

 Front three-quarter view of a green 2024 Kia Sorento X-LineKia

Kia Vehicles Offering the X-Line Package

For some Kia vehicles, X-Line is a stand-alone trim level. For others, the company lets buyers add the X-Line as a package across several different trim levels. Either way, X-Line is only available for SUVs. Sedans, hatchbacks, and minivans are left out of the mix.

You can purchase Kia's subcompact Seltos X-Line, compact Sportage X-Line or Sorento X-Line, and midsize three-row Telluride X-Line. While the Seltos and Sportage make X-Line a trim level, the X-Line is an options package for the Sorento and Telluride because it can be combined with multiple trims.

Instrument panel in a 2024 Kia Sorento X-LineKia

How Kia X-Line Fits In With the Competition

Unsurprisingly, there are nearly as many appearance packages and special editions as there are SUVs on sale.

The Toyota RAV4 Adventure design resembles the more off-road-capable RAV4 TRD Off-Road trim. As with Kia's X-Line, the RAV4 Adventure sees limited capability improvements over standard models. Similarly, the Volkswagen Atlas Peak Edition adds rugged-looking styling but little in the way of capability enhancements.

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