What is Ford Insure?

Ford has teamed up with Nationwide to offer its customers insurance with specific benefits.

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To compete in the insurance-services space, Ford has created its own insurance product, Ford Insure, which is underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

Similar to what Tesla has done with its own telematics-based Tesla Insurance, Ford Insure uses vehicle data on driver behavior to help offer discounts to those who drive safely; the program can also provide lower rates based on vehicle usage (which includes driving behaviors such as time spent on the road at night).

Most 2020 and Newer Ford Vehicles Qualify for Ford Insure

For drivers seeking a lower car-insurance quote, Ford Insure uses onboard telematics and the FordPass Connect modem found on many 2020 and newer Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs. The data is used to track a range of behaviors, with the trade-off being a 10% discount for enrolling and a premium discount of up to 40% based on safer driving.

Drivers who sign up to have their driving monitored will be evaluated by factors including the distance they travel or the time of day they drive. Four to six months of tracking — plus good driving — can result in those premium discounts. Ford Insure can also be purchased without the behavior-monitoring option.

Ford Insure also offers a pay-per-mile low-mileage policy designed for at-home workers or short-range commuters who put very few miles on their car.

Ford Insure Offers a Mix of Modern and Traditional Benefits

Ford Insure provides a range of traditional coverages, such as liability, personal injury protection, property damage, and comprehensive insurance.

Unlike Tesla's proprietary insurance program, however, Ford Insure's link to Nationwide makes it more like a traditional insurance policy, with broader discounts for bundled services. For example, auto insurance can be combined with home insurance or a comprehensive pet insurance plan to help generate larger savings.

In case of an insurance claim, Ford Insure policies provide drivers with access to the Ford Certified Collision Network and the use of original Ford parts for any repairs.

As of publication, Ford Insure is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, or Oklahoma, with some limitations on coverage for customers in California, New York, and Florida. Ford Insure's telematics-based discounts are not available in North Carolina or New York.

Driving Habits Can Help Determine Your Premiums

Ford Insure uses data generated by your car's onboard computers and the FordPass Connect service to track a variety of safe-driving metrics that factor into the computation of your car-insurance quote and monthly premiums.

Aggressive driving — such as hard braking and accelerating — is a key factor, but so are other potential accident-risk behaviors such as nighttime driving or the idle time generated in heavy stop-and-go commuter traffic. Ford Insure also reiterates that low mileage can result in lower rates, even without purchasing the company's specific pay-as-you-drive, low-mileage policy.

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