6 Pickup Trucks Under $30,000

Finding a good affordable truck doesn't have to be a challenge—that's why we put together this list of pickup trucks under $30,000.


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Pickup truck prices are increasing, with a baffling number of choices and trims available. But finding a truck in your budget doesn't have to be a challenge, and that's why we put together this list of the six available pickup trucks under $30,000.

All pickup trucks are vehicles with enclosed cabins, open beds, and low sides and tailgates. Each of the trucks on this list, arranged in no particular order, meets that criteria. Most have options and upgrades that can easily shoot the price over $40,000, so you might want to be strategic when building your own.


2022 Toyota Tacoma

Starting price about $26,000

The Tacoma, one of the world's favorite small pickups, is available in a wide array of trims and capabilities. The base model includes both a V6 option and a manual transmission. As for beds, you can choose between the six- and five-foot length; either way, this double cab truck has seating for five. Toyota's Safety Sense is also standard in all trims, which provides lane departure alert, dynamic radar cruise control, and automatic high beams.


2022 GMC Canyon

Starting price about $27,000

The smallest GMC truck, the Canyon base trim, runs a 3.6L V6 engine with an automatic transmission. Though there's an available diesel engine, opting for it pushes the pickup's starting price above $30,000. The Canyon does not come with advanced safety features such as rear park assist or forward collision alert as standard, but they are available in its upgrades. But a four-way adjustable power driver seat is standard, as are 18-inch black-painted aluminum wheels.


2022 Chevrolet Colorado

Starting price about $25,000

The Colorado is a very flexible pickup and comes in three base configurations: two crew cabs with either a long or a short box and a long box with the extended cab. The engine also comes in three setups: a 2.5L four-cylinder, a 3.6L V6, or 2.8L four-cylinder Duramax turbo-diesel. Of course, selecting these options can cause the base price to shoot up wildly, so to make sure you get a new pickup for under $30,000, stick to the short box crew cab and the 2.5L four-cylinder. The base Colorado has a 5,500-lb towing capacity and four-wheel antilock disc brakes. Other standard features include a locking tailgate, 2 USB ports, and a rear folding bench seat with a child seat tether anchor.


2022 Ford Maverick

Starting price about $20,000

As the smallest member of the Ford truck lineup, the Maverick's standard engine is a 2.5L hybrid that gets an EPA-estimated 42 mpg city. There's also a 2.0L EcoBoost engine option for those looking for greater efficiency. As for price, even the Lariat SuperCrew trim remains under the $30,000 benchmark. Highlights include automatic emergency braking, auto high-beams, a power tailgate lock, and a keyless entry keypad on the driver's side. Spend a bit more and enjoy all-wheel drive (AWD) or a towing package for a 4,000-lb capacity. Standard technology includes an 8-inch touch screen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. Also standard are five drive modes—including Eco, Normal, Sport, Slippery, and Tow/Haul—to make conditions less challenging.


2022 Nissan Frontier

Starting price about $28,000

Work may be challenging, but with Zero Gravity seats standard in the Frontier, your drive doesn't have to be. Optional features in the Frontier include a Wi-Fi hot spot and wireless charging, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. The Frontier offers plenty of storage, with a 4.0L capacity in the center console and 6.5L in the front door pocket. Thirsty? The Frontier holds up to eight beverages, including four spots on the doors, which can each fit a 32-ounce water bottle. Upgrade to the PRO-4x and go off-road with an electronic locking rear differential and three steel skid plates.


2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz

Starting price about $24,000

Is it a pickup? Is it an SUV? Well, Hyundai likes to call the Santa Cruz a Sport Adventure Vehicle, but with a closed cabin, an open bed, and low sides and tailgate, it certainly fits the pickup definition, and thus, it makes our list of pickup trucks under $30,000. Regardless, the Santa Cruz is powered by a 2.5L four-cylinder engine and achieves an EPA-estimated 23 mpg combined, thanks to its small footprint. The available turbocharged engine pushes the price above $30,000, but all-wheel drive is available if a buyer keeps a steady hand with the options list. As for towing, all trims can tow up to 3500 lbs, while the AWD version has a 5,000 lb capacity. The Santa Cruz includes wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration for your phone for all trims.

If shopping for an inexpensive pickup truck has you scratching your head, consider some of the above options. Buying a new pickup truck under $30,000 isn't impossible and can even be fun with these great choices.

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