5 Ways the 2023 Nissan Z Improves on the 370Z

Retro-future styling and a heaping helping of performance define the new car.


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The 2023 Nissan Z represents the first comprehensive redesign of the Japanese automaker's popular sports car since the model’s previous resurrection as the 350Z in 2003. The new Z brings a host of fresh technology and design into the picture, elevating it well above the 2009 – 2020 370Z it replaces with updated style and performance.

Here are five ways the 2023 Nissan Z improves on the 370Z.


1. Power

Gone is the previous Z's naturally aspirated 3.7L V6 and in its place is a 3.0L, twin-turbo V6 tuned to produce 400 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. This output places the new Z’s motor 50 ponies and 74 lb.-ft. of twist ahead of even the high-performance Nismo version of the old Z.

That extra grunt is enough to send the 2023 Nissan Z to 60 mph from a standing start in just 4.5 seconds when equipped with its standard six-speed manual transmission (a nine-speed automatic with paddle shifters is available). That makes the base Z quicker than the older high-performance 370Z Nismo.


2. Chassis Tuning

Nissan based the 2023 Z on the same underpinnings as the 2020 370Z, but the platform has been thoroughly revised to improve handling and to better harness the vehicle's increased power. These revisions include a more rigid body, revised geometry for the four-wheel independent suspension, and all-new monotube shocks that are softer over broken pavement yet better at keeping the car in control through a corner.


3. Styling

The Nissan Z blends retro-themed styling cues with the modern requirements of an aero-friendly body. The result is a vehicle that from the front calls back to the original 240Z of the 1970s, and from the rear suggests the early-’90s 300ZX (which also featured a high-performance turbocharged engine). After more than a decade of minor exterior design evolution on the 370Z, the major updates to the new Z are a sight for sore eyes.


4. Interior

As much as those vintage elements continue to influence the Nissan Z, once you open the door to the cabin, the more modern aspects of the new coupe's interior truly impress. Whereas the 370Z felt as though it lagged the rest of the sports car pack in terms of comfort and quiet, the new Z has been pushed into the premium space with a focus on more upscale materials, improved sound-deadening, and a host of convenience features that were absent in previous incarnations.


5. Infotainment

The Z’s most significant technological upgrades are in the dashboard and center stack. The vehicle's new 9-inch touchscreen and LCD gauge cluster are a far cry from the smaller, less-capable infotainment interface found in the 370Z (which provided basic Bluetooth connectivity with no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration). Although analog gauges remain on the top of the dash, the primary instrument cluster is fully digital.

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