5 Useful Car Accessories for Pet Owners

If your favorite copilot has four legs, these might make your next trip more enjoyable.

Drew Johnson | 
Jul 19, 2023 | 3 min read

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Traveling with a pet comes with its own set of challenges. These five products might make life on the road a bit more manageable.

Folding Ramp

Loading Fido into the car can be a difficult task, particularly if you have a senior dog or a large breed that requires heavy lifting. To make loading easier for both you and your pet, consider .

Folding ramps are available in varying shapes and sizes. They allow your dog to climb aboard and exit the vehicle with relative ease. When not in use, pet ramps can be folded or collapsed for easier storage, and some come with handles for added portability.

Seat Bridge

According to the Humane Society of the United States, your pet should never ride in the front seat. They should also be secured with a harness, crate, or car seat made specifically for animals. A seat bridge can make it easier to accommodate your pup in the back seat. It can fill in the footwells and create a large, flat surface.

There are two common types of seat bridges, which are also known as seat extenders. The first uses a rigid, board-like structure that lays on top of your car's back seat and over the foot wells. These types of  are padded and typically combined with seat covers, providing the added benefit of upholstery protection.

Seat extenders can also come in the form of  that fits into your vehicle's rear foot wells and combines with the seat cushions to form a flat surface for your pet.

No-Splash Water Bowl

Water bottles and soda cans make it easy for humans to drink in the car, but for your thirsty pet, there's the . These bowls are designed to be used in the car, and they feature a tapered lip designed to prevent water from sloshing out due to bumps or turns. Some even have an angled base to keep the bowl level on a slanted seat cushion.

Pet Travel Bag

Luggage might seem a bit posh for a pet, but a  is a smart way to keep your pet's essentials neatly organized while on the go. Pet travel bags are available in a range of colors and styles and generally come with food storage containers, pockets for treats and toys, and a water bowl.

Fur Removal Tool

If you travel with a pet, fur will inevitably find its way onto your car's upholstery and carpet. Vacuuming isn't always a convenient cleaning option, but a fur removal tool can be.

The latest gadget for removing fur from cloth seats and floor mats is a  that looks somewhat like a coat hanger. It gently removes pet hair and can be used on your car's seats, carpet, and headliner. Fur removal tools are particularly useful on the road because they can be easily stowed in a glovebox or door pocket.

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