5 Trucks to Buy While You Wait For the Tesla Cybertruck

The angular pickup won’t arrive for at least a year, whereas these options are available today.

Tesla Cybertruck parked in desertTesla

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Waiting for a Tesla Cybertruck? Based on the automaker’s latest estimates, production won’t kick off until sometime in 2023—far later than the initial promise of 2021. If you need to own an electrified pickup sooner than later, there are a few alternatives currently on the market. Make no mistake: without an existing reservation or pre-order, obtaining one of these trucks in the near future may prove difficult or expensive, but Rivian, Ford, and GM are racing to ramp up production.

2 Black and Yellow Rivian R1Ts parked in desertRivian

Rivian R1T

Rivian’s smooth-sided electric pickup R1T incorporates a host of clever design touches, including a composite bed with power outlets and underfloor storage, an integrated gear-monitoring system with lockable security cables, and a width-spanning cavity immediately behind the cabin that can serve as a storage locker or house Rivian’s optional slide-out camp kitchen for overlanding. In time, customers will be able to spec the all-wheel drive (AWD) R1T with two electric motors, but for now, Rivian sells only a quad-motor configuration with 314 miles of range. Following substantial price increases earlier this year, the model goes for just under $80,000.

Gray 2022 GMC Hummer EV parked in desertGMC

GMC Hummer EV

At more than 18ft. long and 7ft. wide, the GMC Hummer electric truck is hard to miss. From the removable roof panels to the four-wheel-steering system with its novel Crabwalk mode, this truck is filled with attention-grabbing features. That’s especially so for the Edition 1 models currently in production: Thanks to a triad of powerful motors, these 9,000lb. behemoths can rocket to 60 mph in roughly 3 seconds. GMC is no longer accepting reservations for this particular configuration, but interested parties can still reserve the tri-motor, 300+ mile EV3X and option many of Edition 1’s features. Pricing starts around $107,000 and deliveries begin this fall.

Black Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum driving down streetFord

Ford F-150 Lightning

The Lightning might not be as radical-looking as its rivals, but it’s likely easier to get. Unlike other models on this list, Ford didn’t limit early production to expensive top-tier trims; even the entry-level Pro trim, which starts at around $53,000, is available. It may not have quite the range or power as Lightnings equipped with the extended-range battery, but the Pro’s 452 hp, 230 miles of range, and available tow rating of 7,700lbs. should meet the needs of many truck shoppers.

Black Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid driving beside ranch fenceFord

Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid

Not ready to give up on gasoline yet? The F-150 PowerBoost’s trick hybrid system not only assists the twin-turbocharged, 3.5L V6 engine to save fuel, but it also doubles as a generator, supplying up to 7.2kW of electricity to the outlets in the bed. That’s enough power to run a blender, a reciprocating saw, or even a welder. The cheapest way to get this hybridized powertrain is in the XL SuperCrew for about $46,000.

Mattel Hot Wheels remote controlled Cybertruck and Cyberquad ATV setMattel

Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck

OK, you got us. A 1:10-scale, radio-controlled toy can’t serve as daily transportation, but it can help pass the time until your Cybertruck order comes to fruition. Mattel’s $107 homage is fully electric, sports functioning head- and tail lamps, and even includes a replica of Tesla’s Cyberquad ATV concept to tuck into the bed—you know, in case you wish to reenact the Cybertruck’s bumpy reveal night.

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