5 New Cars for Less Than $50K That Can Park Themselves

You don't have to sweat tricky parking spots with these affordable new vehicles.

Front three-quarter view of a silver 2023 Toyota PriusToyota

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More cars include advanced safety features and advanced driver assistance systems than ever, but consider the stress of parking. Plenty of people can admit to feeling rushed when parallel parking on a busy street. Perhaps you've abandoned a spot because it seemed too tight.

Fortunately, many new cars can include park assist and self-parking systems that manage all the steering, reversing, and straightening out of your vehicle. You don't have to break the bank to experience such features, either. When properly equipped, we found five new vehicles for less than $50,000 that can park themselves.

Front three-quarter view of three 2023 Toyota PriusesToyota

2023 Toyota Prius Limited With Limited Premium Package: $37,000

The redesigned Toyota Prius compact hatchback not only packs a more efficient hybrid powertrain and a sporty new look but also offers impressive driver-assist technologies.

The Prius Limited trim has an optional Limited Premium Package with additional options that includes the automaker's Advanced Park feature. This system uses park-assist sensors, cameras, and radar to provide a hands-free parking experience for the driver.

Front three-quarter view of a red 2023 Ford EscapeFord

2023 Ford Escape Platinum 2.0L EcoBoost With Premium Technology Package: $41,000

If you need a compact SUV with tons of technology, consider the Ford Escape. The all-wheel-drive Platinum trim is available with a hybrid powertrain or a turbocharged engine and can be equipped with Ford Active Park Assist 2.0 when you opt for the Premium Technology Package.

This self-parking system can automatically perform perpendicular and parallel-parking maneuvers for the driver, directing owners of this family-friendly ride into tight spots with little worry.

Dashboard of a 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLBMercedes-Benz

2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 With Parking Assistance Package: $42,000

Entry-level luxury SUVs might seem like they would omit cool features to maintain a low starting price, but that isn't always the case, as seen with the Mercedes GLB-Class. To the base, front-wheel drive GLB 250 trim, shoppers can add the Parking Assistance Package, which includes the Mercedes-Benz Parktronic with the Active Parking Assist system. This handles the steering, gear changes, and brakes for parallel and perpendicular parking jobs so the driver can relax, as Mercedes intended.

Front three-quarter view of a white 2023 Tesla Model 3Tesla

2023 Tesla Model 3 With Enhanced Autopilot: $46,000

Tesla Model 3 sedan buyers can add the Enhanced Autopilot package to the base rear-wheel-drive trim. This package includes several high-tech driver assists, including the Autopark and Smart Summon parking features.

The former system automatically self-parks the vehicle in parallel and perpendicular spots. This feature also automatically drives the car from its parking spot to your location in a lot.

Front three-quarter view of a blue 2023 BMW 330iBMW

2023 BMW 330i With Driving and Parking Assistant Packages: $45,000

The BMW 3 Series is often described as the quintessential sport sedan thanks to its enjoyable driving feel, but a significant part of its charm is its available technology. Starting with the base turbocharged four-cylinder 330i in rear-wheel-drive trim, buyers can opt for the Driving Assistant and the Parking Assistant packages to get a very smart car.

These additional features allow drivers to select a nearby parking spot through the infotainment system and let the car handle the parking. Play your cards right with the rest of the BMW's options, and you can snag this car with these driver-assist features for less than $50,000.

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