46 New and Used Subaru WRX for Sale in Oakland, CA

used 123,312 mi
2015 Subaru
WRX Base
Dealer Advertised Price
20 mi away
Dealer Advertised Price
17 mi away
used 66,245 mi
2018 Subaru
WRX Base
Dealer Advertised Price
6 mi away
Dealer Advertised Price
24 mi away
used 49,718 mi
2019 Subaru
WRX Base
Dealer Advertised Price
23 mi away
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Car Overview
Subaru WRX
With its can't-miss hood scoop and available towering spoiler, you know what Subaru intends to convey with the WRX: performance. However, there is far more to this car than appearances. Subaru's rally wins and racing championships give the WRX legitimate credibility. Subaru bases the vehicle on the Subaru Impreza, and its name is an abbreviation of World Rally eXperimental. The WRX STI (Subaru Tecnica International) offers even more power and capability. They all feature turbocharged engines, all-wheel drive, and performance-tuned traction and stability control systems, and over the model's lifetime have come in sedan and hatchback body styles. The latest versions are sedan-only, and Subaru has announced the discontinuation of the STI – for now. Show More

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