7 New and Used Acura MDX for Sale in Warren, MI

Dealer Advertised Price
12 mi away
used 101,226 mi
2018 Acura
MDX Base
Dealer Advertised Price
2 mi away
Dealer Advertised Price
10 mi away
used 18,873 mi
2019 Acura
MDX Advance
Dealer Advertised Price
21 mi away
used 19,298 mi
2022 Acura
MDX A-Spec
Dealer Advertised Price
3 mi away
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3 mi away
Car Overview
Acura MDX
Since its introduction, the Acura MDX has been a big hit with families. This midsize luxury SUV ranks among the best-selling three-row sport-utility vehicles of all time, and it's a pillar of the Acura lineup. The MDX offers a spacious, thoughtfully designed interior, strong performance, and a surprisingly engaging driving experience. It also has enough capability to weather a snowstorm, thanks to adequate ground clearance and available all-wheel drive. Compared to premium midsize SUV rivals, the Acura MDX sometimes trails in infotainment and safety technology as well as luxury amenities, but reasonable pricing typically makes it a compelling value. Show More

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