2 New and Used 2018 Lexus GX for Sale in Gainesville, GA

used 42,068 mi
2018 Lexus
GX 460
Dealer Advertised Price
18 mi away
used 46,109 mi
2018 Lexus
GX 460
Dealer Advertised Price
1 mi away
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Car Overview
Lexus GX
Based on the same underlying platform as the Toyota 4Runner, the Lexus GX features the luxury brand’s signature spindle-style grille design and unique bodywork paired with a V8 engine, standard four-wheel drive, and a deep layer of refinement. As smooth and silky as the materials and controls might be, the Lexus GX demonstrates significant off-roading capability. The downside is less athletic handling on pavement. Also, the GX offers a third-row seat, but it is unfriendly to adults, takes up all of the cargo space, and positions any children you might place there uncomfortably close to the SUV’s side-hinged tailgate. You’re better served by folding it down and forgetting about it. Show More

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