Talk about convenient.

From checking your balance to making a payment, with the Capital One Skill for Amazon Alexa, manage your accounts using just your voice.

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What Can You Do With the Capital One Skill?

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Watch the video

Manage your Capital One accounts using nothing but your voice.

Credit Cards               

  • Check balance 
  • Get due dates
  • Pay Capital One card bill

Checking and Savings

  • Check balances
  • Review recent transactions

Auto Finance (New)

  • Check principal balance
  • Get payoff quote
  • Make a Capital One payment

Home Loans (New)

  • Check principal balance
  • Get due dates
  • Make a Capital One payment

Enabling the Skill

Once you’ve downloaded the Amazon Alexa app, enabling the Capital One Skill is simple.

Read our terms and conditions.

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Open the App

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.

Enable the Capital One Skill

Tap “Skills” in the menu and search for Capital One. Tap “Enable”. Accept “Terms and Conditions”.

Link Account

Enter your Capital One username and password. Create a personal key.

Talk to Alexa

Now you can talk to Alexa about your Capital One account.

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