Request for Proposal (RFP)

Winning Business

Success at Capital One ® will be driven by whether your firm's skill set meets the unique needs of our business.

What to consider

Competing for a request for proposal (RFP) can be a daunting task for any size business or organization, so how can you be ready in case you receive that RFP call or e-mail? Consider the following as you prepare:

  • Type of work—Are you competing for work that is reasonable for a company of your size and track record to pursue?
  • Liability insurance—Is your coverage in line with large company expectations? Do you have the appropriate insurance certificates?
  • Service level agreement—Can you meet the deadlines and highest service levels that are standard for your industry?
  • Type of company—Is your company privately held? Do you have complete financial statements?
  • Form of contract—Most large companies will use their own contracts. Are you prepared to review and utilize these standard agreements?
  • Background checks—Are you currently doing full background checks on all employees and contractors? Can you do so, if required?
  • Pricing—Do you fully understand the pricing of all components of the goods and services you are selling? Can you be profitable with competitive adjustments to your current pricing models?
  • Concentration of business—Have you analyzed how much of your total revenue would come from the business you are trying to win? Is it a reasonable percentage?
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