Capital One — Credits and Debits

How we process credits and debits

Because transactions are made in many different ways and we receive them at different times, we group transactions in categories to process them in an organized and consistent order.

The processing order we use determines what posts to your account first and last each day and the order you'll see the items on your account statement.

On February 22, 2013, our processing order is changing:

  • Credits, like check or cash deposits that increase your balance, generally post to your account before anything else.
  • Debits, like ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions that decrease your balance, will be divided into categories of similar types of transactions–and we'll process them according to date and time when we have that information.
View our complete processing order.

To illustrate how credits and debits will be applied to accounts, here are two examples– Jennifer and  Pat's Print Shop


Let's say Jennifer uses her debit card to buy gas for $55, then buys coffee for $3, a check she wrote to someone for $150 deposited, she makes a deposit at a branch for $220, buys lunch for $8, then makes an ATM withdrawal for $120–in that order.

When all transactions are processed, credits will generally be applied first, and debits will be applied according to the  processing order. Hover over the processing categories in each row to see the details of each transaction.

Activity CreditDebitProcessing Category
 Bank Deposit+ $2201
 ATM withdrawal -$1203
 Gas purchased with debit card -$555
 Coffee purchased with debit card -$35
 Lunch purchased with debit card -$85
 Check Jennifer wrote is deposited -$1507

Pat's Print Shop

Let's say a check Pat wrote to a vendor for $1,200 is deposited, Pat makes a bank deposit of $500, takes a client to lunch for $50, has an account clearing-house (ACH) payment of $300 for the monthly power bill, and makes a gas station debit card purchase for $60–in that order. 

When all transactions are counted, credits will generally be applied first, and the debits will be applied according to the  process order. Hover over the tooltips to see the details of each transaction.

ActivityCreditDebitProcessing Category
 Bank deposit+ $500 1
 Client lunch purchased with debit card - $505
 Gas purchased with debit card - $605
 ACH power bill payment - $3006
 Check to vendor is deposited - $12007