Contributions and Partnerships

Contributions and Partnerships

Through a comprehensive giving program, Capital One is helping to build the future of communities where our customers and associates live, work, learn, and play.

Our Philanthropic Mission – Building Enduring Community Partnerships

Investing in our communities provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our relationships among community members – neighbors, small business owners, our associates, and those nonprofit partners who enable us to expand our reach and use our resources for good. In this way, we believe that both the community and our business benefit.
Our philanthropy program provides grants to national and local organizations that support education, financial literacy and community development initiatives.  In addition, we build partnerships with nonprofit organizations with missions that complement these focus areas.  By combining our philanthropic dollars with strong, enduring partnerships, we are able to maximize the number of residents we reach and the overall impact we have within a community.

Focusing Our Support

To have the greatest impact, we focus our efforts on:


Capital One provides opportunities for children and youth to access education and enrichment activities that prepare them for successful futures, including:

  • Day care/early childhood education
  • Literacy
  • After school programs
  • College access

Community Development

Capital One strengthens low-income neighborhoods by supporting national and local community development efforts, including:

  • Workforce development
  • Affordable housing
  • Small business development

Financial Education

Financial education empowers all individuals to make wise financial decisions that protect and enhance their well-being. Capital One provides financial literacy tools and resources, as well as financial support for:

  • Youth financial education
  • Adult financial education

Geographic Focus

Capital One provides funding for these programs in the following locations:


In general, Capital One does not support the following:

  • Organizations without federal tax-exempt status
  • Individual, fund-raising or fellowship assistance
  • Organizations located where Capital One does not have offices (other than select national and regional programs)
  • Advertising or marketing activities
  • Political, labor, fraternal organizations or civic clubs
  • Religion-based organizations for sectarian purposes
  • Sports, athletic events or athletic program
  • Travel-related events, including student trips or tours
  • Development or production of books, films, videos or television programs
  • Memorial campaigns
  • Health-related organizations

Pro Bono Volunteerism

Our innovative pro bono volunteerism program allows Capital One to merge two of our passions: sharing the talents of our amazing associates and helping our non-profit partners increase their capacity to serve our community residents.

Capital One was founded on a simple principle: recruit great people and provide them the opportunity to be exceptional. Plain and simple – great people make our company work. Because we believe so highly in the professional talents of our associates, we created a way to share their talents with our nonprofit partners as a way to maximize their ability to serve the residents of our communities.  At the same time, this experience provides our associates with professional development and personal growth opportunities.

Our pro bono volunteer program allows associates to use their professional skills to add value to our nonprofit partners by providing consulting services in areas such as legal, technology, brand, financial management, and human resources management.

Executive Board Leadership Program

We further our commitment to help our nonprofit partners increase their capacity to serve the residents of our communities with our Executive Board Leadership Program.  Through this program, we place our executives on national and local nonprofit boards where they can apply their business acumen and leadership skills to improve the community.

We are proud of the work they do and know that these talented individuals can bring insight and knowledge to our nonprofit partners, helping them build business plans that bring their goals closer to realization. In addition, our executives benefit as they get to apply their skills in a different environment and increase their professional networks, and the company benefits from developing increasingly deep ties to the community.