Community Involvement

New York and New Jersey

New York New to enlarge Capital One Bank in New York and New Jersey partners with various community and nonprofit organizations to make a positive impact on the lives of local individuals, families and businesses. These efforts include:

  • Expanding access to housing for homeless and low-income individuals in New York City
  • Supporting three working student-run branches inside local public high schools
  • Working our nonprofit partners to help small businesses secure loans through our ‘Second Look’ program
  • Creating a neighborhood branch that is a community resource offering financial education, home ownership and small business management learning


Louisiana Capital One Bank in Louisiana is involved in a number of activities in the community that service youth, adults, and businesses including:

  • Repairing and revitalizing homes of low-income residents
  • Financial literacy and money management programs for students and adults
  • Helping budding entrepreneurs learn about various aspects of business ownership
  • Providing financial capital and more for the Charter School Network


Texas Through numerous Capital One-sponsored community involvement activities in Texas, associates have:

  • Provided technical assistance training for small businesses
  • Supported victims of domestic violence in expanding financial literacy skills
  • Taught money management to middle school students
  • Helped seniors make long-neglected repairs and maintenance to homes

Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia

Virginia, Maryland, DC Capital One is heavily involved in community initiatives in Virginia, Maryland and DC to improve the lives of children, adults and local businesses. Some of the efforts include:

  • Building a permanent financial literacy center to provide financial education to more than 14,000 middle school students each year
  • Committing $25 million to housing for low-income seniors and moderate-income workers
  • Working with nonprofit partners, providing funding for micro-loans for local entrepreneurs, enabling them to start or expand a business
  • Donating space for the creation of an incubator for businesses that are focused on green initiatives
  • Helping with a home renovation completed by the popular television show Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Featured Programs

Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park

Junior Achievement Finance Park

Capital One and Junior Achievement Worldwide (JA) partner to bring innovative financial education curriculum to middle school students.  Learn More about Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park

The Heart of America Foundation READesign SM  

The Heart of America Foundation READesignSM

Capital One and The Heart of America Foundation work together to encourage a love of reading.  Learn More about The Heart of America Foundation READesign SM

"Whether through targeted financial services or community involvement, Capital One's goal is to give people opportunities to reach their potential."
—Rich Fairbank, Chairman and CEO